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APNA & ACN CPD Activity

APNA & ACN CPD Activity

Develop an understanding of HPV self-collection and its role in improving cervical screening participation.

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Course description

Developed in partnership with

VCS Foundation


The World Health Organization has launched the Global Strategy to Accelerate the Elimination of Cervical Cancer, with Australia on track to achieve elimination by 2030.

To achieve elimination in Australia, GPs and Nurse Cervical Screening Providers will play a pivotal role in encouraging and endorsing cervical screening participation. HPV self-collection can help eliminate cervical cancer by reaching people who have never screened or are overdue for screening.

It enables people who meet specific eligibility criteria to take their own vaginal sample for HPV testing.

Self-collection is an important component of the National Cervical Screening Program, as it helps overcome barriers to cervical cancer screening and provides a safe and culturally appropriate alternative for underscreened groups.

Importantly, self-collection is equally as sensitive for the detection of CIN2+/AIS and HPV as a practitioner-collected CST.

The HPV Self-Collection Clinical Audit will assist GPs and Nurse Cervical Screening Providers to identify underscreened patients eligible for self-collection, encourage routine cervical screening to patients, and provide resources and tools for quality improvement.

To learn more, download our information flyer and listen to a short message from VCS Foundation Executive Director, Professor Marion Saville AM below.

Program Content

HPV Self-Collection Clinical Audit

After completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • identify people who are eligible to take their own vaginal HPV test
  • assess your own practice records management processes to ensure cervical screening results are up to date
  • implement quality improvements to your practice to improve cervical screening uptake in underscreened patients
  • Incentive eligibility: You may be eligible for the Practice Incentive Program (PIP) Quality Improvement Incentive – speak to your local PHN for more information

HPV Self-Collection Clinical Audit

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