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We understand the challenges faced by supervisors and the importance of feedback to optimise learning

We’ll show you how to get the most out of your training and to develop knowledge skills and practices to give you the confidence to deliver feedback in the clinical workplace. You will learn methods of providing supervision and feedback in a structured, efficient and effective way.

Supervise the next generation of learners more effectively and efficiently

Innovative, interactive, and engaging learning approach

Digital disruption, the explosion of medical knowledge, and changing learner behaviours demand a new way of coaching and supporting learners.

Best evidence translated into information

Based on the latest medical education literature, the Health Professions education courses are designed to challenge supervisors to consider the role they play in a learner’s training.

Multiformat, online-based and self-paced courses

Highly engaging and interactive course including short videos, a case-based approach, reflection articles and practical resources.

Create Empowered Learners

Change from a traditional teacher to a learning coach and role model building an educational alliance. Choose the course that best suits your career needs.

Nurture high performance, morale and trust

With supervision now being understood as a distinct discipline with its own skill-set and knowledge base, many professional bodies and employers are requiring their supervisors to undergo formal supervisor training. This course provides supervision frameworks and facilitates generic competencies that apply to a range of health professions. In the 2020-2022 triennium this course is accredited with RACGP as a 40 point CPD Accredited Activity and also with ACRRM for 15 Educational activity and 1 Performance review hours, and 16 MOPS points.

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Understand the Return to Work scheme

ReturnToWorkAHP has been designed to provide allied health professionals with the skills, tools and knowledge to guide and progress your patients’ recovery and return to work. ReturnToWorkAHP helps busy allied health professionals with practical strategies for effective coaching and counselling, including how to recognise and address barriers to recovery and psychosocial factors.

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Increase your confidence engaging with LGBTIQ patients

Many of those who work within the health profession have the desire to practice inclusively, to use the right terminology and to be accepting of sexual and gender diversity – but don’t feel they have the knowledge, skills or confidence to do this. This course provides an overview of the key concepts for people working with LGBTIQ individuals. In the 2020-2022 triennium this course is accredited with RACGP as a 4 point CPD Activity and also with ACRRM for 2 Educational activity hours.

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