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KFP Coach enables you to work through 10 or 20 high quality KFP style cases with a medical educator one-on-one.

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Course description

Medical educators

Dr Sarah Parker

Lead Medical Educator

Dr Marny Royans

Medical Educator

Dr Maya Luks

Medical Educator


KFP Coach transforms KFP exam preparation by providing you online access to one-on-one quality support from a medical educator to maximise your scoring potential. Make every moment count and optimise your study time – all you need is your laptop.

Benefit from the individual support of an expert medical educator KFP Coach focused on your exam success.

  • Your personal coach will guide you through our quality bank of KFP style cases and questions via a private online chat platform
  • Your answers will receive timely and personalised feedback from your KFP Coach to hone your clinical reasoning skills and exam technique
  • See which answers receive marks, why some answers are awarded more marks than others, and develop an insight into the key feature style ‘answer grid’
  • With responsive real-time feedback, you will gain a better understanding of the key to successful answers and improve your clinical reasoning skills

Coaching windows available for 2022.2 KFP exam cohort

*Session times are in South Australian time
Group B
(20 cases)
Dates20 June
27 June
21 June
28 June
22 June
29 June
23 June
30 June
Morning session9:00 - 11:3010:00 - 12:009:00 - 11:30
Afternoon session12:30 - 3:0012:30 - 3:0012:30 - 3:00
Evening session7:30 - 10:00
*Session times are in South Australian time
Group C
(10 cases)
Dates4 July5 July 7 July
Morning session9:00 - 11:309:00 - 11:309:00 - 11:30
Afternoon session12:30 - 3:0012:30 - 3:0012:30 - 3:00

The number of participants in each session is capped to ensure the coaching team can interact with you in a timely manner. Candidates work through 5 cases per session. Following enrolment you will need to book coaching sessions to secure times that best suit your schedule (candidates doing 10 cases will need to book 2 sessions; candidates doing 20 cases will need to book 4 sessions).

Why choose us?

One-on-one sessions

Unparalleled support to candidates studying towards the RACGP Key Feature Problem exam

Guided questions

Learn the KFP technique, identifying key features and what the examiners are looking for

RACGP curriculum

KFP cases and questions are based on the RACGP curriculum

Maximise your score

Real time access to medical educators to improve your clinical reasoning

Access anytime, anywhere

Online interface access anytime, anywhere on your phone, laptop or tablet


This is a really fantastic course with the benefit of doing the cases one by one, with the privilege of doing it at your own pace. Great opportunity to understand what their rationalisation is, how to score and how not to lose points. I will be more precise in my exam for sure. ”

Ash, Registrar, Australia

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