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Get up to speed, identify your learning needs, map out your study plan and discover keys for exam success.

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Course description

Medical educators

Dr Sarah Parker

Lead Medical Educator

Dr Katrina Couchman

Medical Educator

Dr Marny Royans

Medical Educator

Dr Maya Luks

Medical Educator


Study smarter with an exam preparation program prepared by experienced medical educators and exam experts. With Exam Ready GP focus on your specific needs to ensure that you have the exam skills, knowledge and confidence you need for exam success.

If you are seeking a guided preparation supported by quality and reputable learning to achieve AKT and KFP exam success, Exam Ready GP should be your preferred choice. Our research confirms that candidates who have been unsuccessful on previous exam attempts are 40% more likely to pass their exams after completing the Exam Ready GP program.

Course inclusions

Introductory orientation webinar

  • Understand how Exam Ready GP works, where everything is and how to ensure you get the most benefit

Knowledge self-assessment and guided study plan

  • Pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses with personalised feedback from a medical educator to shape your study plan

Week-by-week schedule

  • A clinical topic-focussed framework for working through the program each week from start to finish to get you exam ready

Monthly webinars with a medical educator

  • Review and discussion of the key readings and quizzes from the clinical topics covered in the previous 4 weeks

One-on-one medical educator session

  • One-on-one session with one of our experienced medical educators based on your Dr KFP half length mock exam attempt

Performance coaching

  • Learn effective behaviours to maximise exam success through webinars and two one-on-one performance coaching sessions

Learning modules

  • 21 learning modules providing foundation knowledge across the clinical competencies required for general practice

Dr MCQ and Dr KFP

  • Access to 1,100+ AKT questions and 300+ KFP questions containing answers, explanations and references

Predictive AKT + KFP performance analysis

  • Detailed analysis of your mock exams attempts, with predictive insights into your likelihood of passing the real exams

KFP exam preparation webinars

  • Work through exam style cases in a live webinar to hone your KFP technique, plus access to previous webinar recordings

All bases covered,
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From our Medical Educators

We've written educational modules and question banks to guide you through the critical topics. It is hard to know what to do to maximise your limited study time. Exam Ready GP provides a structure for you to follow. Our goal is your success. Using our research data we can help you identify your likelihood of passing based on your performance. Plus, through our live webinars and one-on-one phone calls we work with you individually to help you achieve exam success.”

Dr Sarah Parker, Exam Ready GP Medical Educator, Australia

I am feeling very prepared and confident for the KFP and MCQ exams - I loved the structure of Exam Ready GP, the quality of the question bank (both Dr MCQ & Dr KFP) with model answers and the quality of the references used. The references provided were very relevant, to the point and self-explanatory to give absolute clarity about the subject. And I loved that no topic of General Practice Importance had been left untouched. I will definitely enrol in Dr OSCE for next year’s RCE!”

Omi Jindal, Exam Ready GP participant, Queensland