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Course description

Medical educators

Dr Sarah Parker

Lead Medical Educator

Dr Katrina Couchman

Medical Educator

Dr Jill Benson

Medical Educator


Dr OSCE Premium offers you our highest level of support and coaching to help you better prepare and ultimately succeed through this challenging exam format.

In addition to the Dr OSCE Plus course content, you will receive two performance coaching sessions with our organisational psychologist to help build your confidence and exam mindset.

Program Content

Dr OSCE Premium

Delivered online via video conference (Zoom):

  • 2 active cases in which you are the exam candidate
  • 4 observed cases in which you observe someone else in your group being the exam candidate
  • 20 minutes per station
  • Actors provided to role play the cases
  • Individual feedback provided by professional medical educator/examiner
  • OSCE exam preparation tips and hints
  • Information and resources about non-clinical topics essential for OSCE success such as dealing with difficult patients
  • Examination videos to help with OSCE preparation
  • Over 600 resources and references arranged by topic and mapped against the RACGP curriculum
  • Identify your unique knowledge gaps with a self-assessment mapped to the RACGP curriculum and BEACH data upon which the exams are modelled
  • Optimise your time between now and the exams by focusing your study on areas of need
  • Professional and individualised exam preparation advice via a one-on-one video conference with one of our medical educators and exam experts
  • Includes three additional practice OSCE cases
  • Personalised exam success coaching via two 45 min telephone sessions with our Performance Coach, a qualified organisational psychologist

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