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Our most comprehensive and intensive course to greatly enhance your chances of success.

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Medical educators

Dr Sarah Parker

Lead Medical Educator

Dr Katrina Couchman

Medical Educator

Dr Marny Royans

Medical Educator

Dr Maya Luks

Medical Educator


If you are feeling nervous or have failed before, this complete program of personalised coaching and support with our experienced team will provide thorough preparation and assessment to achieve your fellowship goals.

In addition to the components included in Dr MCQ + Dr KFP Bundle Plus , your subscription includes a one-on-one session with one of our qualified medical educators, and two performance coaching sessions with our organisational psychologist.

ModMed has extensive experience and detailed understanding of the RACGP exam requirements. We have helped more people become fellows than any other training organisation.

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Program Content

Dr MCQ + Dr KFP Bundle Premium

The quiz builder provides access to a pool of over 770 questions and allows you to choose:

  • which clinical topics to include in your quiz
  • the number of questions to include
  • all questions, only questions not yet attempted, and/or only questions answered incorrectly
  • a timed or untimed quiz

Correct answers, explanations and references are included for all questions

  • Three 90-minute timed mock exams, each consisting of 60 questions
  • One 4 hour timed mock exam consisting of 150 questions
  • Questions include single best answer and extended matching types
  • Correct answers, explanations and references are included for all questions
  • Analysis of your Dr MCQ mock exam attempts with your performance benchmarked against our research group cohort to indicate your likelihood of passing the real exam
  • Two dashboards included
  • Detailed example questions explaining the KFP technique, what the examiners are looking for and how answers are marked
  • Practice your technique and knowledge with eight KFP practice exams with ideal answers, commentary, reference links and marking guide
  • Timed and untimed practice exams provided
  • Full length practice KFP exam included

Get tailored insights into your exam preparedness through:

  • professional examiner marking and individual feedback on your Dr KFP Half Length Mock Exam (first attempt)
  • your performance benchmarked against our research group cohort
  • feedback, backed by research, on your likelihood of passing the real KFP exam
  • Prior to each RACGP exam, our Dr KFP team conduct a live interactive webinar in the early evening to work through KFP style cases, discuss exam techniques and answer questions
  • Recordings of previous webinars also available for subscribers to view at any time
  • Over 600 reading and reference links arranged by topic and mapped against the RACGP curriculum
  • Catalogue actively curated by our Medical Educator team to ensure currency and relevance
  • Identify your unique knowledge gaps with a self-assessment mapped to the RACGP curriculum and BEACH data upon which the exams are modelled
  • Optimise your time between now and the exams by focusing your study on areas of need
  • Personalised exam success coaching via two 45 min telephone sessions with our Performance Coach, a qualified organisational psychologist
  • Understand how factors such as motivation, self-belief, or self-talk can lead to procrastination, unhelpful behaviours, stress or exam-anxiety
  • Watch the video below to better understand how our Performance Coach can help you:
  • One-on-one 45 min telephone session with a Medical Educator
  • Personalised and individualised exam preparation advice via a 45 min phone call with one of our experienced medical educators and examiners trained by the College

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