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Practice exams with ideal answers, commentary, reference links and marking guide.

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Medical educators

Dr Sarah Parker

Lead Medical Educator

Dr Katrina Couchman

Medical Educator

Dr Marny Royans

Medical Educator

Dr Maya Luks

Medical Educator


If you’re confident about your abilities but want to check for any gaps in knowledge, Dr KFP is the ideal resource to check your progress and help you achieve success.

Practice your skills and knowledge with eight different KFP practice exams with ideal answers, commentary, reference links and marking guide. This includes a timed full length practice KFP exam so you can test yourself under exam conditions.

Dr KFP also comprises a knowledge self-assessment mapped to the curriculum and access to a reading and reference catalogue of online resources to help you improve your exam revision.

ModMed has extensive experience and detailed understanding of the RACGP exam requirements. We have helped more people become fellows than any other training organisation.

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Program Content


  • Detailed example questions explaining the KFP technique, what the examiners are looking for and how answers are marked
  • Practice your technique and knowledge with 14 untimed topic based quizzes, 1 timed half length mock exam, 1 timed full length mock exam
  • All questions include ideal answers, commentary, reference links and marking guide
  • Over 600 reading and reference links arranged by topic and mapped against the RACGP curriculum
  • Catalogue actively curated by our Medical Educator team to ensure currency and relevance
  • Identify your unique knowledge gaps with a self-assessment mapped to the RACGP curriculum and BEACH data upon which the exams are modelled
  • Optimise your time between now and the exams by focusing your study on areas of need


These practice exams are very helpful to identify gaps in knowledge. Thank you.”

Amara, General Practitioner, North Adelaide

I am grateful for the last minute KFP revision I’ve experienced using Dr KFP. The videos were especially helpful. I highly recommended ModMed to others preparing for their fellowship exams.”

Amir Zaman, KFP candidate, Australia

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