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We recognise the financial and time investment you are making. That is why we have bundled our two most popular exam preparation courses at a discounted rate to ensure the most efficient and targeted use of your valuable resources.

Identify your unique technique gaps, understand how the AKT and KFP exams are marked, get clear focus, build and strengthen your knowledge and save time to improve  your overall results.

Amir Zaman
KFP candidate, Australia

I am grateful for the last minute KFP revision I’ve experienced using Dr KFP. The videos were expecially helpful. I highly recommend ModMed to others preparing for their fellowship exams.

Medical Educators

Dr Sarah Parker
Dr Sarah Parker
Lead Medical Educator
Dr Marny Royans
Medical Educator
Dr Maya Luks
Medical Educator

Course Summary

Receive our two most popular exam preparation courses at a discounted rate to ensure the most efficient and targeted use of your time.

If you’re a confident student and self-learner, but want to test your knowledge and technique under exam conditions, this combined exam preparation tool will give you the added confidence you need to achieve exam success by identifying any knowledge gaps ahead of both exams.

With access to over 1,100 questions in Dr MCQ, you can customise your exam preparation to your learning needs, check answers as you go, identify any knowledge gaps, and test yourself with timed exams to assist with your time management.

In Dr KFP, you will receive access to over 300 questions to help identify your knowledge gaps, and better understand how the KFP exam is marked. Full-length and half-length practice exams also included so you can test yourself under exam conditions.

Our mock exams are based on the College exams and mapped to the RACGP and ACRRM curriculum, which is why participants in our exam preparation courses are 30 per cent more likely to pass their exams.

Program Content

Receive access to a pool of over 770 questions and build your own quiz from any number of questions and clinical topics. You can also choose whether you want the quiz to be timed or untimed. Correct answers, explanations and references are provided for all questions. 

Participate in three 90-minute timed mock exams, consisting of 60 questions, and one four hour timed mock exam, consisting of 150 questions. Questions include single best answer and extended matching types, and include correct answers, explanations and references.

Detailed example questions explaining the KFP technique, what examiners are looking for, and how answers are marked.  

Practice your technique and knowledge with 14 untimed topic-based quizzes, one timed half-length mock exam, and one timed full-length mock exam. All questions include ideal answers, commentary, reference links and a marking guide.  

Access over 600 reading and reference links curated by our Medical Educators, which are arranged by topic and mapped against the RACGP curriculum.

Identify your knowledge gaps and study areas of need to optimise your exam preparation time with a self-assessment mapped to the RACGP curriculum and BEACH data.  

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