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Receive the reassurance you need to achieve exam success with more intensive exam preparation and personalised feedback 

KFP Coach for RACGP 2023.1 KFP Exam: Group A (cases 1-20) between 28/11 - 8/12/22


KFP Coach for RACGP 2023.1 KFP Exam: Group B (cases 1-20) between 9/1 - 19/1/23


KFP Coach for RACGP 2023.1 KFP Exam: Group C (cases 21-30) between 23/1 - 25/1/23


Medical Educators

Dr Sarah Parker
Dr Sarah Parker
Lead Medical Educator
Dr Marny Royans
Medical Educator
Dr Maya Luks
Medical Educator

Course Summary

Receive one-on-one support from a Medical Educator to maximise your scoring potential, with real-time, responsive and personalised feedback that hones your clinical reasoning skills and exam techniques.  

Your personal Medical Educator is solely focussed on your exam success, and will guide you through 10 or 20 KFP cases via a private online chat platform. Your answers will receive timely and personalised feedback from your KFP Coach, so you obtain a better understanding of the key feature style ‘answer grid’, which answers receive marks, and why some answers are awarded more marks than others.  

Upgrade and Save

Dr KFP Premium

  • 14 topic based quizzes
  • 1 half length mock exam
  • 1 full length mock exam
  • 350+ exam style KFP questions
  • Reading and reference catalogue
  • Knowledge self-assessment
  • Live KFP exam preparation webinar
  • Half length mock exam report
  • 2 x Performance Coach sessions
  • 1 x Medical Educator session

Performance Coach

Individual performance coaching to support quality learning for your best chance of success.

  • Manage procrastination and exam anxiety
  • AKT/MCQ – KFP – CCE study strategies
  • Exam self-care techniques
  • Up to one hour one-on-one coaching

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