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Receive the reassurance you need to achieve exam success with personalised feedback, additional resources, and a self-assessment to identify any knowledge gaps.  

Dr MCQ Plus for RACGP 2023.1 AKT Exam (subscription ends February 2023)


Dr MCQ Plus for ACRRM 2023A MCQ Exam (subscription ends February 2023)


MCQ Candidate, Australia

I used Dr MCQ Plus which was very useful and managed to pass the first attempt ACRRM MCQ exam!

Medical Educators

Dr Sarah Parker
Dr Sarah Parker
Lead Medical Educator
Dr Marny Royans
Medical Educator
Dr Katrina Couchman
Medical Educator
Dr Maya Luks
Medical Educator

Course Summary

If you want reassurance that you’re on track to pass your exam, Dr MCQ Plus is the exam preparation resource for you.  

In addition to all of the Dr MCQ course components, you will receive detailed analysis and benchmarking of your individual performance in the Dr MCQ timed mock exams, a self-assessment to identify any knowledge gaps, and access to a comprehensive reference and resource library.

Suitability for ACRRM registrars: 
Dr MCQ contains an Emergency and Rural Health question category specifically developed for ACRRM and rural registrars. The Quiz Builder function includes the option to only include questions that are consistent with those in the ACRRM MCQ Exam in the ACRRM format: single best answer with clinical stem and 4 answer options.

Suitability for PEPEA candidates: Whilst not specifically tailored to PEPEA, Dr MCQ does cover a good range of topics and clinical scenarios to help prepare you for the PEPEA exam. Dr MCQ does not contain situational judgement test questions – you would need to prepare for this portion of the PEPEA yourself.

Suitability for AMC exam candidates: The format of the Dr MCQ questions is equivalent to those in the AMC exam. There may be some areas outside the scope of general practice that do not feature heavily in Dr MCQ but may appear in the AMC exam, such as surgery or anaesthetics. However, Dr MCQ is still a great exam preparation resource to test knowledge across all areas of general practice, identify knowledge gaps, and assist with study through customisable quizzes, practice questions and mock exams.

Suitability for CAAKT exam candidates: Dr MCQ is mapped to the RACGP curriculum and covers a good range of topics to prepare for the Knowledge Test question component of the Candidate Assessment and Applied Knowledge Test (CAAKT). Dr MCQ is targeted at candidates preparing to sit fellowship exams and the level of difficulty for CAAKT candidates will be slightly higher. Therefore candidates who do well in Dr MCQ will likely be comfortable sitting the Knowledge Test portion of the CAAKT. Dr MCQ does not contain Situational Judgement Test questions – candidates will need to prepare for this portion of the CAAKT separately.

Program Content

Receive access to a pool of over 770 questions and build your own quiz from any number of questions and clinical topics. You can also choose whether you want the quiz to be timed or untimed. Correct answers, explanations and references are provided for all questions. 

Participate in three 90-minute timed mock exams, consisting of 60 questions, and one four hour timed mock exam, consisting of 150 questions. Questions include single best answer and extended matching types, and include correct answers, explanations and references.

Receive two dashboards with analysis of your Dr MCQ timed mock exam attempts with your performance benchmarked against our research group cohort to indicate your likelihood of passing the real AKT/MCQ exam.

Access over 600 reading and reference links curated by our Medical Educators, which are arranged by topic and mapped against the RACGP curriculum.

Identify your knowledge gaps and study areas of need to optimise your exam preparation time with a self-assessment mapped to the RACGP curriculum and BEACH data.

Upgrade and Save

Dr MCQ Premium

  • 1,100+ MCQ questions
  • Customisable quiz builder (770+ questions)
  • 3 x 60 question mock exams (180 questions)
  • 1 x full length mock exam (150 questions)
  • Mock exam performance and peer comparison dashboards
  • Reading and reference catalogue
  • Knowledge self-assessment
  • 2 x Performance Coach sessions

Performance Coach

Individual performance coaching to support quality learning for your best chance of success.

  • Manage procrastination and exam anxiety
  • AKT/MCQ – KFP – CCE study strategies
  • Exam self-care techniques
  • Up to one hour one-on-one coaching

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