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Are you on track to pass the KFP exam?

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Are you on track to pass the KFP exam?

We hear many candidates saying things like “I am scoring 60% on practice exam xy or z and so I will likely pass the RACGP KFP exam”. But we know from experience that unfortunately many candidates do fail the KFP exam, so it is probably worth unpacking these assumptions.

There are two things to consider: correlation and pass mark. Let’s start with correlation. Firstly, not all mock exams correlate with the RACGP exam. Some practice exam preparation programs available online haven’t done the research to look if their mock exams correlate with the RACGP KFP exam, and do not invest in a rigorous case writing approach.

Fortunately for you, Dr KFP does.

ModMed is committed to research and quality. We engage experienced Medical educators who are trained in creating exam-style questions to write for us and we conduct ongoing research to improve our programs – your exam success is our goal!

Our research analysist has crunched the numbers to make sure that the mock KFP we are delivering closely reflects the RACGP exam for ALL candidates no matter their experience, past KFP exam attempts or training pathway.

Our research clearly demonstrates that candidates who scored highly on the Dr KFP long exam went on to do well in the RACGP KFP exam, conversely most candidates who scored below 56% went on to fail.

Talking to candidates who went on to pass, they found this mock exam and personalised feedback very useful in understanding what was required to pass and giving them the tools, they needed to get there.

Having established there is a correlation, let’s move to the second consideration: pass marks. Pass marks are rarely 50%. The RACGP pass mark changes for each KFP exam and is worked out using a variety of statistical methods. It can vary (see table below) and in 2016 and 2017 it was over 60%.  So, don’t be trapped into thinking you only need 50% to pass, as this will likely not be enough.

So, how are you going?

Have you tested yourself using the DR KFP long exam?
Are you on track to pass?
Have a go at the Dr KFP long exam, mark yourself critically against the marking grid and work out your score. Have a look at the above graph, or contact us to receive individual feedback from a Medical educator about your attempt. This will give you an accurate idea of how you are tracking.

Should you fall lower than you had hoped, go back to the basics. Have a look at the introductory information in Dr KFP, watch the video, review the old Dr KFP webinar recordings. Perhaps you could benefit from a KFP Coach? Ask your Coach, a supervisor, colleague or study mate to review your answers with you.  It might be helpful to flag if you are making any common or repeated errors. For example, are you overlooking key features of the case, are you answering the question that is being asked, are your answers not specific enough, are you over coding and so on. This is also a great opportunity to review your knowledge gaps and add to your exam preparation action plan.

All the best with your study!



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