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We are a not for profit charitable enterprise dedicated to improving lives through health education.

ModMed Institute is an award-winning health professional education company with close to 20 years’ experience developing and delivering GP training and health professions education, research, technology and advisory services.

To date, ModMed Institute has trained over 8000 doctors.

Our purpose is advancing learning to improve the quality of life of patients, health profession learners and educators. That starts with creating engaging, dynamic learning for health professionals, and delivering proven training outcomes for organisations.

Our value proposition

ModMed provides dynamic and effective learning solutions that combine best-evidence approaches with leading-edge technology.

Engaging learning

ModMed Institute learners experience:

  • Personalised, self-directed learning
  • Learning tools best tailored to learning styles and the material
  • Clear progress tracking
  • Meaningful feedback to guide reflection and build learning
  • Supportive online interaction with trainers and other learners
  • Easy-to-use navigation and design across devices

Integrated assessment for optimum learning

We integrate education and assessment that is dynamic and responsive to an individual’s learning needs and context.

We specialise in programmatic assessment for learning, combining cumulative data with guided feedback to produce effective performance change. This approach helps develop reflective practitioners and self-aware lifelong learners.

Next-generation technology

Our cloud-based e-learning system is scalable and adaptable to your course and organisational needs.

Our system is completely customisable to meet the needs of users with multiple roles, reporting options and advanced learning analytics. Users can access it where and when they need, across devices.

ModMed Board

Hon Karlene Maywald

Board Chair

Dr Richard Johns

Board Director

Rosemary Batt

Nominations & Remunerations Committee Chair

Assoc. Prof David Rosenthal

Finance Audit & Risk Commitee Chair

Dr Rachel Swift

Board Director

ModMed team

The ModMed team is made up of dedicated and experienced Medical Educators, Educational Technologists, eLearning Developers and IT experts. We are here to help.

Meet our team